How to wear your Moon Moth wings

Wing Wear and Care

Your new wings will arrive folded/curled up for safe travels through the mail. 

They will need to be re-bent into shape and positioned before use. 

They will look bowed/bent before straightening out the wires. 

If they arrive wrinkled, you can iron them. They are made out of cotton sateen.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Etsy message or by email

If you plan on always wearing your wings backpack style, you can knot the elastic to the d-rings. After knotting them, trim the extra elastic to avoid getting tangled.

If you plan on tying your elastic in different ways in the future, you can thread the elastics through the d-rings and tie them in a bow at the back and wear them backpack style. 

You can cross the elastic across the front and wear them like a harness.

They can be attached to a bra or worn in the back of a corset. The wings might need to be adjusted/bent to fit your corset.


  • Tie the elastics before putting your wings on (it’s really hard to tie them while wearing them). 

Care Instructions 

  • Avoid swimming/bathing while wearing your moon moth wings
  • Spot clean only, not machine washable. In the future I would like to make washable wings though. Do not bleach.
  • Wings are cotton sateen and can be ironed if they get wrinkly. 
  • Use a press cloth while ironing to prevent making shiny spots on the fabric.
  • For stubborn creases/wrinkles spritz lightly with water, wait a little bit for the fabric to absorb the water, then smooth out with your iron.