Large Blue Butterfly Costume Wings Morpho Sulkowskyi

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Blue morpho sulkowskyi butterfly costume wings. The original photograph of the morpho sulkowskyi specimen is by Jewelia, maker of beautiful butterfly jewelry at

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Current turnaround time 2-3 weeks.


Product Information


Premium Materials: Crafted with care, these wings are made from high-quality cotton fabric, expertly shaped with steel wire for durability and flexibility.

Easy Attachment: Designed with convenience in mind, our wings securely attach to the body using two elastic straps, one for each shoulder, like a comfortable backpack. Please note that this listing includes the wings only. They pair wonderfully with a black knit dress or leotard for a stunning ensemble.

Wrinkle-Free Comfort: In the rare event of wrinkling, our wings can be easily ironed (avoiding the wire channels). For shipping purposes, the wings will be carefully folded in half to ensure their safe delivery to your doorstep.

Customization Options: Not sure about the moth or butterfly style you desire? We are here to help! Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect wing design for your needs.


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Combine Shipping: Planning to purchase multiple pairs of wings? Let us know, and we will create a customized listing to accommodate your order and save you on shipping costs.

Supporting a Cause: We are proud supporters of the Xerces Society and its vital programs dedicated to protecting invertebrates and their habitats. To learn more about the incredible work of the Xerces Society, please visit ♡♡♡

Unparalleled Fabric Choice: We meticulously choose the fabric for our wings, opting for cotton sateen due to its superior qualities. The tight weave of this fabric allows for a remarkably clear print, showcasing intricate details flawlessly. Unlike textured fabrics such as velvet, which may distort the print when brushed or bumped, our cotton sateen guarantees a sharp and striking pattern. Polyester velvet-style fabrics, although visually stunning, tend to attract lint and hair persistently, demanding frequent cleaning. Moreover, the lightweight nature of cotton fabric enables us to maintain the perfect balance between sturdiness and ease of wear, keeping our wings comfortably lightweight and effortlessly pose-able.

Highest Thread Count: We exclusively select the Perennial Sateen Grand fabric from @spoonflower, a sumptuous 100% cotton sateen imported from Italy. This fabric boasts a delicate drape, subtle sheen, and a remarkably high thread count. Printed with our eco-friendly Prima-Color technology, it redefines richness of color, retains fine details, and withstands vigorous washes while preserving its softness.

Evolved Construction Methods: Over time, our construction methods have evolved to meet the evolving needs of our discerning customers. Our wings are carefully crafted to be easily packaged and shipped, allowing for stress-free delivery and effortless unfolding upon arrival. We strive to maintain the delicate balance between lightweight design and robustness, ensuring that our wings are both durable and enchantingly pose-able.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether worn at festivals, utilized as props for fine art photography sessions, or simply donned for a special event, our wings captivate and inspire. We understand that some individuals will wear our wings extensively, while others may reserve them for occasional use. To cater to diverse preferences, we are excited to introduce customizable options that cater to your specific wing needs, construction methods, and elastic strap colors. Stay tuned as we expand our range to include additional wing sizes.

Shipping Convenience: To ensure hassle-free shipping, we carefully bend the wings slightly downwards, allowing them to comfortably fit within our flat box packaging. Upon receiving your wings, it may be necessary to gently bend them back into their original position and iron lightly for a flawless appearance. We consciously opted for natural fibers, such as cotton, to make ironing and maintaining the smoothness of our wings easier while eliminating concerns of melting or burning associated with polyester fabric.


Experience the allure of our exquisite costume wings and let your imagination take flight. Should you have any further questions or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to delivering wings that embody beauty, quality, and enchantment.