Raven Costume Wings for Adults, Black Lace Wings

Raven Costume Wings for Adults, Black Lace Wings

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Possible costumes that this could be worn with: crow or raven wings, dark angel, harpy, or vulture.

They are made from embroidered organza fabric and steel wire. These wings can be worn with the straps, or tucked in the back of a corset. The straps can be worn either backpack-style or crossed in front.

They measure 38 inches from wingtip to wingtip (wingspan). The last photo shows how they can be stored on a hanger when not in use :)

For more information on how to wear your Moon Moth wings, visit my website here: https://www.moonmothwings.com/pages/how-to-wear-moon-moth-wings

The current turnaround time for this style of wings is 3 weeks. After the three weeks, allow a few days to go through the mail.

They work well with a black dress or shirt.